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Different injuries may result from motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Earlier this year, this Oregon personal injury legal blog provided its readers with a post on the injuries that victims can suffer when they are involved in rear-end collisions. This form of accident often results in neck and back injuries because victims may suffer strain when their heads are thrown forward on impact. However, any form of car accident can leave a victim with serious injuries and a long road to recovery.

As a result of a car crash, a victim may suffer broken bones. Even when they are properly secured with seatbelts or with child harness restraints, they may hit the insides of their vehicles when crashes happen. If broken bones do not result, bruises, cuts and other serious abrasions may occur when victims’ bodies hit the insides of their vehicles.

Car accident victims often suffer injuries that others cannot see. When they hit their heads, they may suffer concussions or other serious traumatic brain injuries. They may also suffer organ and muscle damage when their bodies are subjected to the forces of a violent vehicle crash.

One of the most significant losses a person may suffer when they are involved in a car crash is emotional. If they lose a loved one in an accident or suffer serious harm, they may enter their recovery full of fear and sadness. Emotional and physical harm can result in challenges for victims as they look for ways to let go of their pain and move their lives forward. Their recoveries may be aided by the pursuit of their damages and through speaking with personal injury attorneys who can explain their rights.

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