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What is considered a work-related injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ comp is an important form of insurance that provides individuals with financial support when they suffer work-related injuries. While understanding when something is “work-related” may seem obvious to some people, knowing just when workers’ compensation may apply to an Oregon resident’s claim can be tough. Though this post will briefly discuss what it means for an accident to be work-related, all readers are asked to discuss their workers’ compensation claims with their attorneys.

An accident that happens at the work site of an individual may lead to injuries that are compensable by workers’ compensation. That is because work done at a work site is work-related. Similarly, a worker who is injured while driving a work vehicle for the purposes of their employer may also seek workers’ compensation support for their work-related injury losses.

In some cases, after hours work events may qualify as work-related and avail individuals to workers’ compensation benefits if they are hurt. An employer-sponsored party may be work-related if employees are expected to attend, though having dinner with a co-worker may not qualify because it is social rather than a requirement of the individual’s job. Whether an employee is invited by their employer or expected to attend may have bearing on whether an event is considered work-related.

Workers may run into problems if their accidents and injuries result from horseplay or silliness when they should have been doing their jobs. Likewise, accidents in work vehicles that are being driven for private purposes are not likely to be considered work-related incidents. Since different accidents may have varying factual scenarios, it is important that individuals discuss their rights and options with their workers’ compensation attorneys.

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