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Legal guidance for victims of bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Bike Accidents |

Victims of bicycle accidents can suffer serious, life-threatening injuries when they are struck by moving vehicles on Portland streets. While some victims of these all-too-common tragedies are able to walk away from their ordeals with minor harms suffered, others are rushed to the hospital and may never resume the lives they enjoyed before their incidents. For all victims of bicycle accidents, the recovery of their damages may be a priority for getting them back on track to return to their lives.

Damages after a bicycle accident can cover a range of costs and losses. They may include a victim’s medical bills, prescriptions, hospitalizations and treatments. They may include the wages the victim loses when they cannot go to work. Damages can also include those related to the emotional trauma the victim experienced in their ordeal and the losses they suffer from being unable to engage with their families.

Bicycle accidents are scary, traumatic and violent. Victims deserve to be supported as they recover and to know what options they have for getting their lives back after so much has been taken from them. The law firm of Shoenfeld & Schoenfeld is available for individuals in just this situation.

The attorneys of the firm work with individuals who have suffered injuries and losses from many forms of personal injury accidents, including those who have been struck by cars while riding their bicycles. They help their clients understand every phase of the civil litigation process, from filing a claim to securing an award of damages at trial. The law firm of Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld is open to new clients and looks forward to serving the legal needs of those who have suffered losses.

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