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Back pain and injuries can be caused by various job tasks

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

A pulled back muscle or strain can cause a person to feel significant pain and tenderness. When their back is affected by an injury, an Oregon resident may struggle to do even the most simple of tasks like tying their shoes or putting on their clothes. Back injuries that are caused by on-the-job accidents and incidents may form the bases of workers’ compensation claims and may develop from a number of different occupational situations.

It is not uncommon for workers who do a lot of lifting for their jobs to suffer back injuries and harm. These individuals may develop back problems from the repetitive motion of bending and lifting objects. They may also suffer issues with their backs if they are not provided with the right safety equipment or training to prevent injuries and protect themselves from harm.

Workers who spend their days at desks can also suffer serious back problems. Those who do not have the right chairs, desks and other workplace equipment may suffer serious back problems from staying in unsafe and uncomfortable positions for long periods of their workdays. In any industry, workers can suffer back injuries and pain if they are subjected to undue forces from falls, crushing injuries and other traumatic events.

A back injury can force a person out of their job and into a long period of recovery just to be able to return to their normal life. They may be entitled to workers’ compensation if the cause of their harm was work-related. Their workers’ compensation attorney can help them understand their case and possible claim for support. In most cases, these benefits are often necessary, so it is vital to timely explore these rights.

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