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5 tips for safely working in the rain

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Firm News |

When you live in Portland, you feel accustomed to the rain. Rainfall probably does not hold you back from achieving your daily tasks, including going to work. However, rain can cause or contribute to a variety of workplace injuries.

Rain brings poor visibility, slippery surfaces and cold temperatures, all which can lead to an accident at your job. Here are some work practices that will help you avoid injuries when you work in the rain.

1. Move carefully

While you may feel like a pro at handling the rain, it can make you slip when you least expect it. You may even try to work at a faster rate so you can get out of the rain sooner. However, you must make slow and deliberate movements to prevent yourself from suffering a slip-and-fall accident. Be extra cautious when climbing ladders.

2. Wear appropriate gear

If you do not wear the right clothes and footwear, not only may you become miserable from a downpour, but you may get hurt. Wear a waterproof coat with some fleece underneath to prevent hypothermia and frostbite. Your shoes should have deep tread and slip-resistant soles. Protect your hands with snug gloves.

3. Be mindful of using equipment

Avoid using electrical tools and other types of equipment that may be hazardous in the rain. Ideally, any hand tools you use should have non-slip handles.

4. Make sure people can see you

Rain can make it difficult for others to notice you. Wearing high-visibility clothes is a good idea, especially if you work in an area with heavy machinery or vehicle traffic. Consider wearing a reflective vest to increase your visibility.

5. Ensure you can see

You should also take steps to ensure you have adequate vision. Wipe your goggles or glasses before going outside. Use a hat or hood to stop the rain from getting into your eyes. Use lights when working in the dark.

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