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Report: Portland ranks among cities with worst drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Car Accidents |

While some in the area may disagree, a recent gave Portland the dubious distinction of being one of the country’s cities with the worst driving habits. Of 200 cities examined, Portland ranked 190. There were several cities in other parts of the West Coast that also ranked in the bottom 20.

To reach its results, the report considered how often people in the Portland metro area, and the cities which were studied, filed claims as a result of motor vehicle collisions. Other factors that might have a bearing on how safe or unsafe motorists in and around the Rose City drive were not taken in to account.

Still, when one considers that at least some of the accidents reported in the area involved fatalities are serious injuries, this report is concerning. What is perhaps more concerning, though, is that the statistics found that 94 percent of these collisions happened because of a human error or omission. In otherwise, not matter how innocently caused, the accidents were preventable.

This recent report serves as a challenge to Portlanders to take the steps necessary to reduce the number of car accidents in this city. There are a number of ways to do this, including stepped-up law enforcement efforts, other safety controls like speed bumps and the like, and greater driver education and awareness.

For those in the area who have been injured in a car accident, perhaps the best way to send a message to the responsible driver is to file a personal injury lawsuit asking for compensation for one’s losses. Not only is it only right to hold a negligent driver accountable, it also be necessary for an accident victim’s ongoing financial stability.

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