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Head-on collision in eastern Oregon among state’s deadliest

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Car Accidents |

A recent accident in the eastern part of this state left eight people dead, seven of whom were from one family in Washington State. The accident, which took place in the eastern part of Oregon, was among the state’s all-time deadliest and attracted the attention of the national news media. Five of the victims were minor children.

While police have not formally identified the victims of the crash, a spokesman for the family said the victim was his sister, who was not yet 30 years old herself, and the woman’s three children. She was another family member and the person’s two kids, all of whom also died in the crash.

According to officers, the family was in a later model Toyota traveling on a two-lane stretch of highway in the east of the state while on a family trip. Another Toyota, an older model, for some reason crossed the center line in to the path of the family’s vehicle, hitting them head on at highway speed. The driver of this vehicle also died.

Police are still investigating the cause of this horrific car accident, but the surviving members of the victims should even now be mindful of their legal options. While the driver who was apparently at fault for this accident also died, getting compensation is still possible via a lawsuit against the person’s estate or, possibly, by simply filing a claim with the deceased driver’s insurance company.

In any event, the surviving family members certainly deserve some monetary compensation not only for their expenses but also for the profound grief and anguish this accident has no doubt caused.

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