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What to do if you are in a bike-share crash

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | blog |

You may have seen orange bicycles popping up around Portland lately. In the newest innovation to put fewer cars on the road, the city has come up with BIKETOWN, a new bicycle-sharing program that allows you to grab a bike when you need it to go around town.

Residents have already accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles on the bikes, and while they are beneficial, they are not immune to the same crashes any other cyclist should watch out for. You will naturally feel shaken up following a collision, and it is paramount you address any injuries you sustained immediately. However, you should rest assured that you need to follow pretty much the same steps as if you had been in a crash on a bike you actually owned.

Follow preventive steps

BIKETOWN offers some advice on how riders can stay safe. Before taking your bicycle out on the open road, you should conduct a pre-ride inspection. Make sure the tires have enough air. You should always wear a helmet when you take a bike onto the street. Additionally, you should never ride distracted, which includes listening to music.

Report the crash

You will need to call 911 immediately, so the police can file a report. They will also send an ambulance to the scene to take you to the hospital. Your health is the first priority.

Collect information

If there were any witnesses who saw the crash, collect their testimonies. They may be a great asset in getting a speedy insurance payout. You should also write down the information of the driver who crashed into you, including his or her insurance information and license plate number.

Report the damaged bike

You have a lot to take care of following a crash, but you should try to contact BIKETOWN within 24 hours of the bike sustaining damage. You can do this by emailing them at [email protected] or calling 1-866-512-BIKE.

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