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Laid up and no money coming in

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It’s the worst. You’ve been injured, you’re unable to work, and the cupboard looks awfully bare.

It doesn’t matter if you were injured in a crash, a work accident, or a slip-and-fall in a store. You’re out of cash, and the medical and other bills keep coming.

Helping people get back on their feet and back on the job, and getting money to flow in your direction again is what we are about at Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld of Portland.

We bring suits against parties whose negligence contributed to your injury. We do this for car crashes, defective product injuries, and mishaps that occur on business premises.

And — we assist workers injured on the job to obtain maximum benefits from workers’ compensation.

We represent persons with severe injuries to the brain, back and spine, as well as serious burn injuries. These kinds of injuries, because of their life-altering consequences, sometimes lead to million dollar recoveries.

Some of these severe injuries are fatal, and we file wrongful death suits to indemnify surviving family members.

We also protect the rights of people with everyday injuries – strains, sprains, fractures, lacerations and contusions. People get better from these kinds of injuries, but they still put a major dent in the way they live their lives, and pay the rent.

Under Oregon workers compensation laws, we seek financial compensation for every level of disability.

It’s not right that people whose negligence harms you or your family can walk away from their responsibilities.

Our job is keeping after them — until justice is done.

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