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DUI leads to bicycle crash in Portland

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Bicycle Accidents |

It’s not always one single person who causes an accident or who is at fault for a collision. Depending on the scenario, more than one person may be held liable for an incident, even if they both didn’t cause the accident directly. That’s something to consider when you read about this case involving a car crashing with a bicyclist.

The driver and cyclist involved in the crash have been identified following the incident in Portland. According to the news, the bicycle rider was intoxicated prior to the crash. The driver was unlicensed and had no insurance to drive. When their paths crossed, it resulted in a serious collision.

It’s good to remember that even bicyclists shouldn’t ride while intoxicated. Losing your balance while riding is enough to cause a crash, and it makes it harder to avoid cars or objects that might be hazardous to you in the roadway.

The cyclist, 35, is in serious condition following the accident. The man was struck by a woman, 33, who was driving a car to the right of the bike lane. He suffered a severe injury after he drifted out of the bike lane and into the woman’s vehicle.

This case is a good example of how more than one person may be at fault for an accident but also could be held liable for a portion of the incident. Although the cyclist could technically be at fault, the police found that the woman was not insured, had not registered her vehicle and was driving with a suspended license. Both people in a case like this would want to know their rights to make sure they only cover the portion of the accident they caused.

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