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Bike-on-bike crashes can be dangerous to riders

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Bicycle Accidents |

While most people think of bicycle accidents as occurring between bicyclists and motor vehicles, it’s still possible for multiple bicyclists to get into an accident. With more people heading out onto the roads on their bicycles, it’s not unusual for attorneys to get phone calls about personal injuries that happen as a result of bike crashes.

The injuries that result from a bike accident can range from bumps and bruises to serious head injuries and compound fractures. Some of these require medical treatment, and others can still lead to a lifetime of recovery.

Fortunately, there are things cyclists can do to avoid getting into a crash. For instance, riding on the correct side of the road or path is a good place to start. Always signal if you plan to turn, and give those behind you time to stop if you plan to slow down. Always remember to yield to others, much like you would if you were on the roads in your personal vehicle.

It is of an added benefit to vocalize what you’re going to do. Unlike in vehicles, other cyclists can actually hear the things you say. Shouting that you’re making a left turn or stating that it’s okay for someone else to make a turn in front of you can save both of you a lot of trouble.

If you are involved in a bicycle crash, stay at the scene and stay calm. You should seek medical help and exchange your contact information. This is important information your attorney will need if you decide to make a personal injury claim.

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