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What is the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Riding your bicycle is a fun way to get exercise and a practical way to get to work. You know that many people get hurt on the roads, though, and you want to know that something’s being done about it. Fortunately, the government is working on a solution.

What is the FAST Act?

The FAST Act is the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. It’s an act that is designed on a five-year schedule. It began in 2016 and will continue through 2020. It was enacted in 2015.

This Act schedules transportation funding that is to be distributed to the states. The overall goal is to help reduce pedestrian and bicycling accidents that result from traffic collisions.

States that can apply to be part of this act have bicycle and pedestrian fatalities that exceed 15 percent of their annual crash fatalities. In Oregon, 17.9 percent of the total traffic crash fatalities within the state were pedestrians or cyclists.

Oregon would be eligible for a significant distribution of funds each financial year. In 2016, the state received $162,073. In 2017, the amount is $163,725. Each year, through 2020, that amount increases.

What are the funds supposed to be used for?

The funds from the grant are to be used for public awareness and education programs. They can also be used for training law enforcement on laws regarding bicyclists and pedestrians. The state can also choose to use the funds for enforcement campaigns.

If you’re hurt, the FAST Act can’t give you the compensation you need, but your attorney can help you claim against the person who hit you. The FAST Act can help reduce the risk of injuries and deaths in the future.

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