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You have many rights as a worker in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Imagine heading to work and getting out onto the floor. You’re used to performing the actions of your job, but today, something’s different. One of the guards was missing from the machinery, and now you’ve been caught in it. Besides the lacerations, there’s a real risk that you may have to have some of your hand amputated.

If this sounds familiar, then you have probably suffered a workplace injury that requires medical help. As a worker in Wisconsin, you have several rights and responsibilities. Since you are employed, you have a right to workers’ compensation if you are injured when on the job in most circumstances.

Your employer has no right to prevent you from filing a claim. He or she can’t force you to say your injury occurred outside work. Additionally, your employer may not force you to be an independent contractor, corporate officer or partner for the sake of avoiding a workers’ compensation claim.

After you suffer an injury, you have a right to seek out medical treatment. You should ask your employer about his or her plan, because you may need to see a managed care organization doctor. Sometimes, you can see your own. If it turns out that you are totally or partially disabled because of your injury, you can seek time-loss pay, also known as disability pay.

There are a number of steps you take while making a claim, and if your claim is denied, you may need to appeal it with the help of your attorney. With the right support, you’ll be able to seek the medical care and compensation you need.

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