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You can make a claim after you’re hurt in a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | May 12, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents |

There are close to 5,000 people killed every year in motor-vehicle related accidents throughout the United States. Another 72,000 pedestrians are injured when they’re hit by cars or trucks. Many of these accidents are the fault of drivers who aren’t paying attention, are intoxicated, or are disobeying traffic laws.

When negligence is the cause of your injuries as a pedestrian, you’re in a position to file a lawsuit or claim against the other party. What you’ll need to do is show that the other person owed you a legal duty and failed to uphold that duty.

Basically, why should the other person be held liable for the injuries you’ve suffered? In the case of a person who is hit by a car at a crosswalk, the claim would be that the driver owed a duty of care and should have stopped for the pedestrian. The driver didn’t stop, breaching that duty.

You’ll need to be the person who was involved in the accident or the guardian or representation for the person involved to file the claim. You’ll want to show how you got injured and how badly you were injured; having medical records, photographs, and other information on your injuries can help the judge rule on your case.

Our website has more information on pedestrian accidents and what you can do if you’ve been injured by a dangerous driver or someone who was under the influence of alcohol. You have a right to see compensation that can help you replace lost wages or pay for your bills as you recover from your injuries.

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