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Scooter injury? You may be entitled to file a claim for your pain

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Personal Injury |

Scooters without engines probably aren’t something you consider dangerous; they’re toys, and they are used by people of all ages. They have two wheels, substantial braking mechanisms and handlebars. Electric scooters may have seating as well as an engine on the same general design. These are more dangerous, but they still have a limited speed that they can reach, making it unlikely to go very fast.

Whether you use the toy scooter like a skateboard for exercise or the electric scooter to quickly head to the grocery store, if you get hurt, you may wonder who is to blame. In some cases, it could be a manufacturer that you could sue for compensation, while in other circumstances, a driver who collided with you may be at fault.

Scooters without engines have had a 40 percent increase injury rates between 1990 and 2011, and they lead the industry in toy-related injuries. These are toys that are commonly used by children, teens and even adults who want to travel in a manner similar to riding a bike. If a wheel falls off, handlebars break or the brakes fail to work, there could be a serious accident.

The same is true with scooters that have engines. Defects could lead to a brake failing or a wheel coming loose while traveling; the increased speed of these units can cause major harm to those riding them when the vehicle crashes.

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