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You may be able to seek compensation after your bike accident

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bicycle accidents, when they involve motor vehicles, can often be avoided. Bicyclists know that being visible can help, and motorists are aware that being cautious can prevent serious incidents from taking place. The truth is, distractions on the road can take drivers’ attention away from the road and what’s going on ahead of them. When that happens, you’re at risk of being hit on your bicycle.

When you’re hit by a car, you have a few options to discuss with your attorney. You may be able to seek compensation from the individual, or you could file a claim against the person’s insurance. What you’ll need to do is to show how that person failed to fulfill his duty to you; what action caused your injuries? Were you harmed as a result of this? If you were, then you may be in a position to be compensated if you can prove that the other person was at fault.

There are usually three parties who can be at fault in a bicycle accident. It can be you, the driver, or the person who is responsible for maintaining the road or sidewalk. For instance, if you trip on a pothole and then get hit by a driver who wasn’t slowing down enough for the crosswalk, then you could file a claim against both parties.

One would claim you were injured because of the property owner’s inability to fix the pothole, and the other would seek compensation from the driver who negligently struck you. Our website has more information on bicycle accidents, so you can decide on the best route for your case.

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