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4-car accident takes a life near Tillamook

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2015 | Car Accidents |

An accident close to Tillamook, Oregon, left four cars with damage and claimed one life. The wreck happened out on Highway 6, in a construction zone. Pictures from the scene show vehicles stopped all over the road, with parts and debris scattered on the asphalt.

According to reports, a 49-year-old man from Portland was driving east when he got to the construction zone. At least three cars were stopped, facing the other direction. The man left his lane, driving over the center line, and he slammed into two of the other vehicles; one of those vehicles was then pushed back by the impact and hit a fourth car. This all happened right around three in the afternoon.

A 64-year-old woman had been driving one of those stopped cars. When they’d stopped, though, she got out and was standing next to it at the time of the wreck. The Oregon State Police said that the man hit her as well as her vehicle, leading to her death.

The woman did survive long enough for emergency crews to come and begin taking her to the nearest hospital, but she passed away on the way there.

The man hit the woman and her car first, and he then continued on and ran into the next vehicle before coming to a stop. One person in the second car to be hit suffered from minor inures, and the police are still doing an investigation to find out why the crash happened.

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