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How far does liability line reach in a wrongful death case?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Personal Injury |

People are living longer than ever these days. Federal data puts the average at nearly 80 years. But there is no way anyone can tell if he or she will be fortunate enough to live that long or longer. Accidents unexpectedly claim Oregon lives every day. They can be cut short and often are the result of someone else’s negligence.

The loss of a loved one is hard to deal whenever it occurs, but when the cause was due to something that could have been prevented, the grief gets magnified. Not only that, but the costs associated with such events can be difficult to fathom. There may be extraordinary medical expenses. There certainly will be funeral costs.

The emotional toll on those who survive can be quantified, but it is not an easy task. And if a death from an accident erases a source of important family income that deserves to be compensated.

Legal action may not come immediately to mind as an option. It might not even be preferred. But it deserves exploration for the sake of appropriate accountability and the protection of victims’ rights.

How far the line of liability in a wrongful death case might reach varies with each situation. It can be drawn most accurately and for the greatest benefit by working closely with an attorney who understands the legal nuances of state law from experience.

Whether a death results from a motor vehicle accident, an injury suffered because of improperly maintained property, medical malpractice or some other negligent action, help obtaining just and fair compensation is available.

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