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Woman’s coma recovery offers hope, means challenges for family

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2015 | Car Accidents |

When extraordinary injuries are suffered in an accident extraordinary medical measures are often required. Not only is a commitment to care important, but sometimes a commitment to patience is critical.

The annals of medicine are filled with stories about patients who suffered significant catastrophic injuries that left them in comas. An individual might be on life support for months on end and doctors might well reach the conclusion that the patient will never awaken. But then, suddenly and surprisingly, the patient begins to come out of the coma.

The family of a victim of such an accident in Oregon often faces hard decisions about what to do medically for their loved one. If they opt for patience to see what happens, they might then face challenges about how to pay for that care.

In such circumstances, one option that may need to be explored is whether to pursue an injury claim. If the accident resulted from another’s wrongful action, a suit might be warranted.

We suspect this may be something that a family of a 20-year-old woman in Tennessee is dealing with right now. She wound up in a coma last December after the car she was riding in slammed into a concrete barrier. Besides suffering severe injury, the woman was five months pregnant.

Doctors said she would never wake up but earlier this month, she opened her eyes. Not only does she seem to be on the road to recovery, her family says she awoke to learn that she is a mother. Her baby boy, delivered by emergency surgery back in January at a weight of less than two pounds, is still hospitalized but is reportedly doing well.

Various reports on this story say the friends of the victim have been working to raise funds to help the family pay for all the medical bills that have racked up. None of the reports say whether the family has contacted an attorney about protecting their rights.

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