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Product recall shows even bras can be unsafe

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2014 | Personal Injury |

Never in a million years would we ever have thought we would be writing about women’s underwear in the context of a potential product liability issue for this personal injury blog. But apparently there are some things new under the sun, and this might well be one of them. Portland readers may want to take note.

According to an item on Reuters, a lingerie company in Japan is recalling bras — more than 20,000 them — because of a product defect that could result in wearers suffering scratches or punctures. The culprits are underwires that stray from their intended locations. The report says they can poke through the fabric. Sometimes this happens after the item has gone through the wash. Sometimes it happens while the bras are being worn.

A statement by the embarrassed company says it hasn’t received any reports of injuries as a result of the issue. The recall is intended to make sure that none occur. The company is apologizing for the bother, but says owners of the bras should stop using them immediately.

The bras have only been sold in Japan, so people in Portland need not worry. But what this story reflects is that any product that is manufactured and sold has the potential to cause personal injury because of a defect.

Whether the issue is known about or not, the manufacturer has an obligation to ensure that a product is safe. And people who end up harmed as a result have a right, and working with an experienced attorney, to seek compensation and recovery for losses suffered.

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