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Head-on auto accident sends several people to hospital

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A head-on auto accident on Oregon’s Highway 211 left several people injured and requiring medical treatment, according to law enforcement. The accident occurred when a pickup truck and a four-door sedan collided, leaving a few people inside the vehicles unable to escape without assistance. This auto accident is still under investigation by police and accident reconstructionists.

The pickup truck was transporting three passengers, in addition to the driver, at the time of the collision. The sedan was only occupied by a driver. The two vehicles collided when the truck crossed the center lane for reasons unknown at this time. After the impact, the two vehicles ended up on an embankment and Oregon law enforcement has to assist those trapped inside the vehicles.

One of the passengers of the truck was transported to a local hospital for injuries that were considered to be serious. While it is not clear what caused the truck to leave the appropriate lane, it is possible that a lack of vigilance or distracted driving contributed to the unfortunate incident. There has been no clear indication of what the police believe may have caused the accident, but it is known that the entire incident is still under investigation.

Those who were injured in the accident may have the option to seek personal injury compensation from the truck driver for the damages sustained. A civil case is completely separate from any criminal proceedings, which means that victims could move forward with this option even if the accident is still under investigation. If the driver is found liable for damages incurred, a settlement could be rewarded to cover the costs of any pain and suffering endured from the auto accident.

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