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Personal injury lawsuit filed by interstate accident victim

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2014 | Personal Injury |

An Oregon woman is seeking a significant settlement for personal injury sustained in a car accident. The accident took place when a bicycle fell off of a car on the interstate and into the road. The personal injury occurred when the car behind her was forced to brake suddenly, causing it to crash into her and leave her injured.

The complainant claims that she was left with neck pain and other whiplash symptoms. While she did attempt to collect money through her insurance company, she says that the process took more than two years. Additionally, the woman is seeking $49,000 to cover the costs of her pain and suffering. The lawsuit filed also names the driver who struck her from behind and the driver who lost the bike as liable for injuries.

The Oregon woman said that the driver behind her was tailgating. On behalf of the woman, an attorney has stated that it is the responsibility of any driver to adequately secure a bike if transporting it on an external rack. Part of the lawsuit seeks money to cover the cost of medical treatment that was required after the accident. The other amount of the lawsuits requests money to cover emotional suffering and more.

This woman has taken full advantage of her right to seek personal injury compensation after suffering from another person’s actions. While it is not yet known if the woman’s suit is successful, she will have to provide proof and documentation to validate her claims. This could include providing medical bills and other proof from the accident.

Source: oregonlive.com, Bicycle that tumbled off car and fell onto Interstate 5 spurs $49,000 suit, Aimee Green, March 12, 2014

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