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Injured pedestrian dies after tragic accident

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Car accidents often occur without warning, and can be especially damaging to those on foot or traveling in wheelchairs. An injured pedestrian, a wheelchair-bound Oregon man, was recently battling to recover from extensive injuries when he passed away. The injured pedestrian required extensive medical treatment after he was struck by a moving vehicle. He was attempting to cross the street when he was hit by a car.

After the driver struck the pedestrian, he reportedly fled the scene of the accident. According to police, the man was crossing at a legal and clearly marked crosswalk. Law enforcement personnel responded to the accident and ensured that he received medical treatment for his injuries, which were not thought to be very serious. Even though the injuries were assumed to be non-life threatening, he still died from complications.

The Oregon driver was identified and arrested by police shortly after the accident. He was apparently found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time. Officially, he was charged with drunk driving, reckless driving and failing his responsibilities as a driver. Now that the victim has died, these charges could be increased and he could also face additional charges. It is not clear when the man will face a court hearing for the accident.

An injured pedestrian may face more complicated injuries because of the nature of the accident. There is little to no protection for the body when it comes into contact with the steel frame of a car and, as a result, devastating injuries may occur. Pedestrians should have the right of way while in a crosswalk and drivers should be extremely cautious. The family of a deceased victim could explore options for wrongful death compensation from a tragic, yet preventable incident like this one appears to have been.

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