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Work accident can leave Oregon employees with financial need

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

OSHA takes employee safety seriously. That is why one machine company has recently been fined for failing to comply with safety directives issued by the federal agency. These fines are in an attempt to get company owners to comply with safety standards designed to limit the chance for a work accident. Similar fines would be issued against Oregon employers who failed to comply.

The recent fines totaled $131,600. This amount was in addition to the fine issued against Wordingham Machine earlier this year. In each instance, OSHA officials found that there were serious safety concerns for workers. These included failure to prevent unintentional startup of machines, unapproved use of electrical materials and failing to provide fire prevention training to employees.

As is the case when OSHA works to prevent work accident cases here in Oregon, the company has 15 business days to clear up any violations of standards. If they do not take such action, they could face additional penalties. Currently, the company is said to have more than seven violations of safety standards for employees, placing everyone who works at the company at risk for injury.

Work accident cases come when companies fail to provide a safe place for those in their employ to do their jobs. When such injuries happen, workers sometimes find that they are unable to return to their former employment. This can lead to a claim under Oregon workers’ compensation insurance program. This program is designed to assist those who suffer while at work and can be a great benefit to victims of workplace injury. To determine if a person is eligible for such a claim, they first may wish to begin with an effort to seek information about the program and the process for making a claim.

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