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Oregon auto accident leaves 2 men injured

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Oregon officials are continuing to investigate a serious crash that occurred recently. The auto accident happened near the intersection of Ninth Avenue SE and Geary Street, in Albany. At least two men were injured in the unfortunate event.

The early reports of the auto accident issued by Oregon police state that the two injured men were in a car traveling on the roadway just prior to the crash. For reasons that are as of yet unclear, the vehicle containing the victims was struck on the passenger side. The violent impact led to the injuries for the victim.

Shortly after the crash, medical personnel arrived to the scene and transported the most injured victim to Oregon Health and Science University for treatment. He has been listed in serious condition. The degree of injury to the second victim in the auto accident was not reported.

Police must now work to learn the details of the auto accident, and, as they do, they will review all available evidence. This may result in them finding that the driver of the vehicle that smashed into the victim’s car was at fault for the crash. It’s also possible that this information may lead the injured to consider making a claim under our state’s personal injury laws. Such a claim could include restitution for the damages suffered and their costs, such as lost wages and pain and suffering. In many cases, an award may be granted to the victims that can help them recover, at least financially, from an event such as the one.

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