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Oregon auto accident ends life of young woman

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2013 | Car Accidents |

The celebration of the recent Thanksgiving holiday was marred by a fatal crash on an Oregon roadway. The auto accident claimed the life of one young woman and led to injury for the other person involved in the incident. Now, local police are investigating to determine exactly what happened in the early morning hours of the holiday.

According to early reports about the auto accident, the vehicles involved were on Oregon Highway 20 just prior to the crash. The pickup truck containing the injured man was travelling westbound. As he did, he apparently smashed into a passenger car being driven by the now-deceased woman. It appears that her car was in the westbound lanes, though it may have been facing east at the time of the incident.

The accident is still under investigation. The official inquiry into the auto accident will include assessing evidence to determine if the woman’s car was stopped or moving at the time of the crash. Other information may lead investigators to make a determination of which of the drivers was at fault for the injury incident.

Once a person at fault is determined, that individual or their estate may be held liable for the damages caused in the auto accident. This liability can come through Oregon personal injury claims and can lead to awards for the affected parties for damages. Such a claim is common in these types of cases in the state and can help an injured person or surviving family recover, at least financially, from the pain that they suffered during a crash that happened possibly through no fault of their own.

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