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Oregon auto accident injures several teenagers after game

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Oregon police are working to learn what happened that led to a tragic incident recently. The incident involved an auto accident that injured several teenagers. The crash took place in Lake Oswego and involved four teenagers in two SUV-type vehicles.

Police believe that the teens may have left a football game just prior to the unfortunate car accident. The victims appeared to have been wearing football jerseys. The crash happened at the intersection of Boone’s Ferry Road and Kerr Parkway in the Portland-area suburb.

Though authorities do not yet know if speed or alcohol played a part in the auto accident, police say that there were two vehicles involved. The cars appeared to have collided nearly head-on. One of the vehicles may have entered into an oncoming lane. This led to the violent impact and severe injury to the victims. Final details may come after police speak with survivors and review physical evidence left at the scene of the crash.

Those that survived the auto accident may now find that they have long recovery periods ahead of them. This may lead to financial losses — for them and their families — as well as an inability to work or attend school. If this is the case, victims may decide to make a claim under Oregon personal injury laws for their losses. In many cases, these claims assert lost wages and pain and suffering and can offer assistance to those who have suffered through the negligence of another party in car accidents such as the one that happened here.

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