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Nurses often need workers’ compensation when injured at work

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

Readers in Oregon know that working in the medical industry can be hazardous. With sick patients, airborne disease and physical challenges, many individuals engaged in nursing and patient care become injured while at work. Some of those individuals suffer so much that they are unable to return to their jobs. When this happens, they can typically make a claim to the state’s workers’ compensation program.

In a recent study that many in Oregon may find interesting, the researchers discovered that those working in nursing were the most likely to be injured while on the job. In fact, 24 percent of those surveyed told researchers that they missed at least one shift due to injury. Many of these suffered back and neck pain as a result of having to transfer patients in a hospital.

Some of those who were injured were unable to return to nursing at all. These individuals are the ones most likely to seek the help offered by programs such as the Oregon workers’ compensation insurance program. The program is intended to assist injured workers with paying for their basic needs as they recover from injury.

The workers’ compensation program is an important benefit to all workers in our state. This is especially true for people in hazardous jobs such as nursing or construction. The good news, however, is that many of those who are injured are able to recover and either return to work or obtain new training using programs such as the important insurance benefit. This fact can offer comfort to those who work to improve the lives of hospital patients on an everyday basis.

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