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Oregon auto accident involving 3 vehicles leaves 1 man hurt

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2013 | Car Accidents |

At least one person was injured recently as a result of a crash that happened in Troutdale. Oregon officials report that the auto accident involved three cars. The vehicles were travelling on Southwest 257th Avenue near the 700 block just prior to the crash.

Police report that two of the vehicles involved in the auto accident were heading in the southbound direction when one of them smashed into a car that had been attempting to make a turn from the northbound direction. The car behind those involved in the first crash tried to avoid the incident. Unfortunately, he was not successful in his efforts and he, too, was involved in the incident.

The violent impact caused the driver of the car that had been turning at the time of the auto accident to suffer injuries. He had to be taken to a local hospital for medical care, though the degree of his injuries was not detailed in early reports. However, witnesses reported that they appeared to be serious. The others involved in the auto collision did not appear to require hospitalization after the crash occurred.

Now, Oregon officials will work to determine just why the auto accident happened and any other extenuating factors. As they do, they could potentially point to the actions of one of the drivers as those that caused the crash. If this occurs, that driver may face liability under Oregon’s personal injury laws. The liability could include the costs associated with the auto accident and often includes lost wages and pain and suffering.

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