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Oregon car accident sends 2 people to hospital

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On behalf of Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld, P.C. posted in Car Accidents on Friday, June 14, 2013.

Three vehicles were involved in a car accident that happened recently on an Oregon roadway. The car accident claimed the life of one dog that had been a passenger in one of the vehicles. In addition, at least two people had to be taken to a local medical facility where they were listed in critical condition.

Oregon officials report that the car accident happened in the early evening hours of a weekend day. As a driver crossed the intersection of Highway 211 and South Meridian Road, his vehicle was hit on the driver’s side. The violent impact caused the car to spin out of control and into on-coming lanes.

The spin ended when the car smashed into a pickup that had been in the on-coming lanes when the incident began. Unfortunately, the dg died as a result of being ejected during the spin that occurred when the car was hit. It is not clear if other accident victims had to seek medical care following the crash.


Now those who were injured in the crash may find that they are able to make a claim against the driver at fault for their suffering. However, before this can occur, a determination as to fault must be made by local officials. Once this step is complete, a claim could include a request for compensation for the suffering of victims. Though personal injury claims are not available after every car accident, in many cases they can assist victims in recovering, at least financially, from their losses.


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