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Oregon car accident happens when car veers off roadway

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2013 | Car Accidents |

An Oregon man remains in the hospital after he was the victim of a recent accident. The man was standing along the Willamette River when a car accident happened. Several others were injured in the bizarre incident.

As the injured victim and several people were standing by the river, a car left the highway above them and began to careen down the embankment. It is unclear at this time why the vehicle left the roadway, causing the injury car accident. What is known is that the driver of the car died in the crash, and her passengers suffered injury.

In addition to those in the car, several victims who had been beside the river were struck by the car. The good news is that many of those involved suffered injuries referred to as minor. The hospitalized victim was more seriously injured due to his close encounter with the car.

Though this Oregon car accident has details that are not common in such cases, it is similar in that there were victims who were injured. Victims many times find that they are able to use our state’s personal injury laws to make a claim against the person at fault for a car accident under personal injury laws. In cases such as this one where the driver died in the incident, a claim can be made against the estate of the deceased. In each matter, victims hope to be able to recover some of the financial losses that they suffered as a result of being involved in a car accident.

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