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Oregon car accident keeps lawmaker away from legislature

On Behalf of | May 6, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Details are few in early reports of a crash that left one important Oregon legislator in a Portland hospital in need of medical care. The car accident sent her to OHSU only days after the legislator had been on a tour of the state, holding hearings regarding a state budget proposal. The crash happened on a weekday morning near her home in Scappoose.

Betsy Johnson sits on three of the most powerful budget committees in the Oregon legislature. Without her, state lawmakers may find that they require the vote of a member of the opposing party in order to pass bills that are nearing completion in Salem. However, it is unlikely that Johnson will return to work quickly after her pelvis was fractured in the car accident, as it requires surgery to repair.

The car accident that caused the pelvic injury happened when she was driving back to Salem from her home. It is unclear what caused her to come into contact with another vehicle. It is known, however, that she exited her car in an attempt to help the driver in the other vehicle involved in the incident. This, a report indicates, is when she discovered that she had injured her pelvis.

Officials are likely investigating this car accident. As they do, they will seek information not only from those involved but also from anyone who may have witnessed the incident. In such cases, Oregon officials may determine that one of the drivers was at fault for causing injuries. If this is the case, those who are victims may find that they are able to make a claim against the driver deemed to be at fault under our personal injury laws. To determine the availability of such a claim, a victim may so well to look to the available evidence and the applicable laws and claims procedures.

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