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Oregon car accident sends 2 people to hospital

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2013 | Car Accidents |

A woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries after a crash that happened recently on an Oregon roadway. The car accident took place on weekend morning in Yamhill County on Oregon 47. Now, local officials are working to determine the exact details of the crash.

Early reports indicate that, at the time of the incident, a car was stopped on the roadway waiting to make a left turn. The vehicle driven by the driver who is thought to be at fault failed to stop in time as he approached the halted car. His efforts to stop his car caused him to lose control.

He veered into the on-coming lane, striking another car. The driver of that car suffered injury that resulted in her transport to a local hospital. The degree of severity of her injuries was unclear, though they were thought to be non-life threatening.

The driver of the vehicle that caused the car accident now faces potential criminal charges. In addition, he may find that he is liable under Oregon personal injury laws for the damages caused by his actions. This liability could include a claim from the injured victim for the costs associated with the crash. Though not every accident case leads to such a claim, in many instances, those that suffer due to the actions or negligence of another driver find that they have significant financial costs that must be paid by those who caused the damage. Personal injury laws are made to help such individuals.

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