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Oregon car accident leads to personal injury for witness

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2013 | Personal Injury |

A man says that he was trying to help after witnessing a car accident on an Oregon highway. The man stopped to see if he could help the accident victims. When he spoke to one person at the scene, he was physically attacked. The good Samaritan suffered personal injury that included a bleeding cheek and a black eye.

The incident began in Oregon City after a car accident. When the witness stopped, he stated to a victim which of the drivers he thought had caused the crash. That person reportedly became enraged and attacked the witness.

The man told officials that he was fearful that he would be killed in the incident. The man who caused the injury to the witness apparently not only hit him but also pushed him to the ground and put the man in a headlock. The victim was saved by firefighters who arrived at the scene after the car accident.

Now, the man at the center of this personal injury case faces not only traffic related charges for hitting the car involved in the crash, but also potential criminal and personal injury liability for the claimed attack on the witness. The personal injury liability could come under our state’s laws and could offer the injured victim an opportunity to recover for some of the financial damage caused by the man that he claims attacked him. His claims could include lost wages, pain and suffering and the costs associated with the necessary medical care that he received after the incident. Personal injury claims are not limited to car accidents and can result when the evidence suggests that an injury was caused by the negligent or intentional conduct of another.

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