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Oregon car accident kills teen, injures others

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2013 | Car Accidents |

A horrific crash led to the death of one Oregon teen and injury to others recently. The boy, who had told his mother that he was camping for spring break, was a passenger in an SUV when the tragedy happened. Now, local officials are working to learn the exact details of the car accident.

According to early indications, at least seven teenagers were in the SUV when the car accident occurred. The group had apparently been drinking beers just prior to deciding to get into the vehicle to find a place to ‘go wheeling.’ Their efforts to find snow led them onto a windy part of a remote roadway.

At the time of the single car accident, police believe that the vehicle was travelling about 70 mph. This speed appears to have led the 19-year-old driver to lose control of the SUV. The crash caused the victims to be thrown from the vehicle. In addition to the dead teenager, five others were injured, including the driver.

Now, the victims and the surviving family of the deceased boy are left to struggle with the consequences of the car accident. As they do, they may elect to make a claim against the driver under the umbrella of Oregon’s personal injury laws. Such a claim could include one for the suffering of the victims and for the economic costs and other damages sustained. To determine if such a claim is available, victims and the family of the deceased boy may wish to assess their right to proceed after reviewing the applicable laws as they apply to car accident cases such as this one.

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