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Oregon pedestrian accident involves state politician

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2013 | Pedestrian Accidents |

An Oregon politician was one of the victim’s of a crash that happened recently in Portland. The woman, Diane Rosenbaum, is the Senate Majority Leader in the state legislature. She and her friend both suffered injury that required medical treatment after the unfortunate pedestrian accident.

According to a report by Oregon officials, the Majority Leader and her friend were crossing a street in downtown Portland on a weekend evening when the incident occurred. As they crossed the road in the crosswalk, a car turned left into the intersection. The driver of the car did not stop for the pedestrians, striking them in the intersection.

Both women suffered injury in the pedestrian accident. The Majority Leader hit her head on the pavement and suffered a laceration that required stitches from medical personnel. Her companion was said to have two broken bones in her wrist after the incident. Though both victims were injured, they fortunately escaped more severe damage to their persons as a result of the actions f the driver at fault for this crash.

In many cases of a pedestrian accident in our state, the victims who have been injured find that they are able to use personal injury laws to make a claim against the driver who caused the incident. This is particularly true for those who have been severely injured in an accident. Claims that are available include lost wages and pain and suffering. To determine if a victim is able to make such a claim using personal injury law, a full review of the applicable laws may be in order.

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