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Oregon car accident ends life of one victim

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Though Oregon weather in the winter can be harsh and sometimes creates hazardous driving conditions, police do not believe that it played a part in a recent fatal crash. They do, however, suspect that alleged actions of the driver of a car caused the car accident that claimed the life of one local man. The accident occurred in the early morning hours on a Portland area road.

According to early investigation results, the single car accident occurred as a car traveled eastbound on Division. The car, for reasons that remain unclear, smashed into a telephone pole. The impact led to the death of the passenger in the vehicle.

The driver of the car involved was arrested after the tragic car accident. The charges made against him include traffic and alcohol-related crimes. Further details of the crash will likely become clearer as police complete their inquiry into the incident.

In addition to the criminal charges that he now faces, the driver of the car may also find that he is liable for the death of his passenger under Oregon’s personal injury laws. These laws are intended to assist victims of such incidents in recovering financially from the damages they have suffered. In cases where the victim dies as a result of a car accident, their survivors may be able to make claims for their losses such as wage loss and pain and suffering of the victim. Though such a claim is not always available, our state’s personal injury laws may offer financial relief to grieving survivors in some cases where drivers appear to have acted negligently.

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