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Oregon small plane accident leads to fatal, catastrophic injury

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2012 | Personal Injury |

Readers in Oregon are likely familiar with the discussions on this blog regarding car accidents in our state. Now, two local men are dead after an experimental airplane crashed in a field. The men, including one who was a passenger in the plane, suffered fatal catastrophic injury as a result of the incident.

The Oregon airplane accident happened in the mid-afternoon of a recent fall day. According to early reports, the two men in the airplane left the Lebanon State Airport shortly before the incident happened. The aircraft took off in the southern direction as it left the airport.

Witnesses say that the plane carrying the two men crossed a roadway before banking to the left. As the plane attempted to turn, part of the left wing separated from the aircraft, causing the small plane to fall to the ground. Upon impact both men suffered catastrophic injuries that ended in their deaths.

Now local authorities are left to investigate in an attempt to discern exactly what happened to cause the home-built aircraft to come apart as it flew. It appears that the plane was made by the pilot at the helm of the aircraft in 1996. Initial reports do indicate that the man piloting the airplane was an experienced pilot. However, as a result of the catastrophic injury suffered by his passenger, the estate of the now-deceased pilot may be liable for lost wages of the deceased victim as well as for pain and suffering caused to surviving family members. Though not always available in every accident case, in many instances a victim or their surviving family can make a claim using local personal injury laws.

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