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Tragic Oregon car accident ends life of young woman

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2012 | Car Accidents |

An Oregon man is accused of leaving the scene of an accident after a late night crash along a Portland area roadway. The man is said to have walked away from a car accident that ended in the death of another person in the vehicle. The crash victim died at Oregon Health Sciences University after being taken there for medical treatment.

The car accident occurred on a dark Oregon roadway during the early morning hours. Police believe that the man who is now in custody was the driver of a vehicle that, for reasons unknown, lost control. The car crashed into a tree, breaking it in half.

After the incident, the man left the scene of the crash. His passenger, a young woman, was trapped inside the vehicle. Medical personnel came to the scene and extracted her from the car, but were unable to prevent her death. The man believed to be the driver of the vehicle was picked up by police a short time later as he walked along the road not far from the car accident scene.

The man did not suffer severe injuries in the car accident. He was taken into custody and charged with a criminal act for leaving the scene of the crash. In addition, he may also face liability for the death of his passenger. This liability could include not only the costs of her final medical treatments, but also payment to her surviving family for the loss of their loved one. If available, these personal injury claims could help to begin the recovery process for the family of the young woman whose life was taken so tragically.

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