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Young child injured in Oregon City hit-and-run car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2012 | Car Accidents |

An Oregon City 13-year-old girl was lucky to survive after being struck by a car recently. The girl was crossing the street when a SUV-type vehicle smashed into her. Witnesses have reported to police that the driver of the SUV and his passenger got out of the vehicle to inspect the young girl who was lying in the roadway after the car accident.

After checking her out, the man and his passenger got back into their vehicle and drove away. Thankfully for the young victim, she was with friends when the car accident happened. In addition, a nearby neighbor heard the crash and called for medical assistance. Those with the child helped to alleviate the pain and suffering that she had to endure while awaiting help.

Oregon police are seeking information to assist them in finding the driver of the SUV and his passenger who caused injury to the young child. In addition to learning the details of this hit-and-run car accident, it is important to the accident victim and her family that authorities find the people who appear to have left the child lying injured in a local street. Once found, the driver and his passenger may face not only potential liability for injuries to the child but also criminal charges for the act of leaving the scene of an accident.

In this case, it appears from early reports that the 13-year-old girl did suffer injury and certainly she suffered pain, though she was able to escape serious injury after being hit by the SUV. Though she was treated for her injuries at a local hospital, she was able to return home the day after the crash. While she was reported to be recovering from her injuries, her family retains the right to pursue a personal injury claim on her behalf against any party whose negligence is deemed to have caused or contributed to her injuries from the car accident. A successful claim may include reimbursement for medical expenses and other costs as well as for pain and suffering occasioned by the injuries sustained.

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