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Portland car accident leaves 1 woman dead

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Northeast Lombard Street near 42nd Avenue was closed for several hours on June 22 after a deadly crash. The car accident happened when a pickup truck collided with two sedans, a Toyota and a Nissan. The pickup was heading westbound on the Portland street when the driver crossed lanes and struck the two vehicles. One victim, the woman driver of the Toyota sedan, was killed as a result of the impact. The extent of injuries to the others involved in the car accident is unknown.

It is unclear just why the driver crossed the center line and caused the fatal car accident. Portland police are investigating the collision in an attempt to make sense of the tragedy. As they complete their work, they may use investigative tools such as taking eyewitness statements and doing toxicology tests on all of the drivers. These are standard procedures for most car accident investigations, though no indication has yet been made as to any impairment by the drivers involved.

There have been no charges made against any drivers. Authorities may wait until the results of the investigation are complete to make a determination if any criminal charges will be forthcoming. Until that time, the family of the deceased woman is left to wonder what happened to their loved one.

The surviving family of the woman who lost her life in the car accident has suffered a tremendous loss. Words cannot describe the pain that they must be in as they come to terms with the loss. Indeed, their loss may be even more than the companionship of a loved one, they may have also suffered economic damage In the form of lost wages, medical bills and funeral expenses. If a driver is deemed negligent in causing an accident, the family of a deceased victim may have the option of filing a wrongful death suit, which can help cover these costs.

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