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Oregon police say driver didn’t break before car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2012 | Car Accidents |

An Oregon woman who had been reported missing was discovered to have been involved in a car accident on June 14. She was identified as a result of the police investigation into the cause of the tragic crash. It is unclear why the woman went missing a day before being killed in a fatal car accident.

The woman was driving a Toyota Camry eastbound on Highway 30 when the car accident happened mid-morning. For reasons unknown, she veered into the westbound lane and into the path of a Kenworth truck that was pulling an empty trailer. The truck could not avoid the head-on collision and caused fatal injuries to the woman. The truck driver was also injured and taken to Columbia Memorial Hospital for treatment. Thankfully, his injuries were described as non-life threatening.

As Oregon police investigate this car accident, they will seek to answer the question of why the woman crossed into on-coming traffic. Early results have found that was no evidence of braking by the Camry. Additional tests, including toxicology, may be performed on both drivers.

It is not clear from news reports how severe the truck driver’s injuries were. However, in many car accidents like this one, those injured are subjected to weeks or even months of recovery as they work to return to their daily lives. If a person’s injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else, he or she may have the right to file a personal injury claim in order collect compensation for medical bills and other related expenses.

Source: The Chronicle, “Fatal crash partially closes Highway 30 east of Astoria,” June 14, 2012

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