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Oregon officials hope to see fewer accidents with increased patrols

On Behalf of | May 31, 2012 | Car Accidents |

A car accident can happen in an instant. However, in that short amount of time, a great deal of damage can be done. In an effort to reduce car accidents on Oregon roads, the Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Transportation officials recently announced that they intend to increase patrols from the Memorial Day holiday until early June.

According to ODOT, since 1970, 259 people have died in car accidents at the beginning of the summer season. Many of those fatalities occurred because of drunk driving and a lack of seatbelt use.

People in Portland typically get in their cars expecting that they will safely make it to their destination. Sadly, another driver’s negligence may derail a person’s plans. In addition, that person may be left with extensive injuries.

People who are injured in car accidents may be forced to endure multiple surgeries, lengthy hospitals stays and painful rehabilitation. In addition to physical injuries, a person may also be left with emotional wounds.

Drivers in Portland and beyond have a duty to be attentive and cautious. When drivers look away from the road, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are speeding, tragedies can happen.

Although car accidents may leave people with devastating injuries, there may be legal options for them to consider. In some instances, victims can file a civil lawsuit against any negligent parties. The compensation they receive can be used for medical bills, lost wages and for any pain and suffering that they endured as the result of an accident.

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