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Western Oregon University professor dies in bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2012 | Bicycle Accidents |

Oregon police report that a popular Western Oregon University professor was killed on March 31 while riding his bicycle. The bicycle accident occurred near Monmouth around 11:20 a.m.

Reports indicate that the professor was riding his bicycle northbound on 99W when he was struck by a pickup truck. Police say that the professor moved from the shoulder of the road into the traffic lane. The driver said that he attempted to avoid the bicycle accident but was unsuccessful, and the right front of the pickup struck the bike from the back. The professor was thrown from the bicycle as a result of the impact and was killed.

The pickup driver was uninjured in the crash, and no charges were reported in the immediate aftermath of the collision. As the investigation continues, police will likely work to determine exactly what occurred, based upon an accident reconstruction and witness statements as well as a physical examination of the available evidence. If it is determined that the driver negligently caused or contributed to the collision, he may be subject to a personal injury claim from the family of the late professor.

Like all surviving families of bicycle accident victims, the family of the professor has suffered a loss that cannot be replaced by any amount of money. Nevertheless, a successful claim may help with expenses while also ensuring that negligent parties are held accountable under the law for their actions. Once the official accident report is available, the surviving family may wish to review it, along with any other relevant evidence gathered from the fatal accident.

Source: KATU.com, “WOU professor hit and killed while riding his bike,” March 31, 2012

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