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Blazers star involved in car accident on the way to Rose Garden

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents in Portland often happen when we least expect them. Sometimes we may be driving along, listening to our favorite music, when another driver changes lanes unexpectedly or makes another erratic move on the road. This can end up causing a collision when we have to react to another driver’s sudden actions.

Reaction to a driver’s decision to veer into his lane may have been the cause of a car accident that occurred on Broadway in Portland at about 5:15 p.m. on Feb. 4. Portland Trailblazer star LaMarcus Aldridge drove to that night’s basketball game in his black 2009 Ferrari. A car ahead of him reportedly changed lanes in front of him without signaling. Unable to avoid the other car as it unexpectedly veered into the lane in which Aldridge was driving, the vehicles collided. Both cars ended up on the side of the road.

The fault for the accident has not yet been determined. Police investigators will likely review the collision to determine exactly what occurred. No reports have been made to date indicating any injuries to the drivers or any passengers.

Once fault for a car accident is determined, a personal injury claim can result. If a victim of a car accident suffers injuries, he or she may be able to make a claim against any party who caused or contributed to the accident. The victim can request payment for medical expenses, lost wages and other compensation.

While no determination has yet been made to assess responsibility for the accident, each party involved would do well to document the damage and any injuries. Sometimes, injuries that seem minor at the scene of a car accident are later found to be significant. In every incident, it is best to fully preserve all information relevant to the collision and its aftermath.

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