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Portland car accident leaves 1 woman dead

Northeast Lombard Street near 42nd Avenue was closed for several hours on June 22 after a deadly crash. The car accident happened when a pickup truck collided with two sedans, a Toyota and a Nissan. The pickup was heading westbound on the Portland street when the driver crossed lanes and struck the two vehicles. One victim, the woman driver of the Toyota sedan, was killed as a result of the impact. The extent of injuries to the others involved in the car accident is unknown.

Portland pedestrian accident leads to injury for one man

Running across busy Portland-area roads can be dangerous for pedestrians. Cars that are traveling at high rates of speed on crowded streets may not see the pedestrian until it is too late. When a pedestrian accident happens, it is rare for the pedestrian to escape unscathed.

Blazers star involved in car accident on the way to Rose Garden

Car accidents in Portland often happen when we least expect them. Sometimes we may be driving along, listening to our favorite music, when another driver changes lanes unexpectedly or makes another erratic move on the road. This can end up causing a collision when we have to react to another driver's sudden actions.

Pedestrian accident: man killed crossing a Portland street

On Jan. 28 about 7 p.m., a 26-year-old man was killed in the 7000 block of Southeast Foster Road in Portland after he was struck by a car as he attempted to cross the street. Police reports suggest the man was not in a crosswalk at the time of the pedestrian accident, though few other details of the collision were immediately available. Rushed to a local hospital after the incident, the victim later died from his injuries.

Portland bike accident leads to biker trapped under car

There is no doubt that biking is a favorite form of transportation in Portland, but sometimes the combination of bicycles and cars on Portland's streets does not mix. Two weeks ago multiple fire crews responded to an early morning report that involved a bicyclist trapped face down underneath a car.

Two pinned in cars with serious injuries NE Portland crash

A car accident can turn a good day into a terrible day in an instant. Two people were pinned in their cards and sustained serious injuries in a multi-vehicle crash that occurred early in the morning in Northeast Portland earlier this month.Police and emergency fire crews responded to a report of the crash that occurred at Northeast 82nd Avenue and Killingsworth Street just after 6 a.m. According to police reports, a Jeep Grand Cherokee was making a U-turn when it was hit by a Mitsubishi sedan and then by a Toyota pickup truck. Both of the vehicles that hit the Jeep were traveling eastbound on Killingsworth.

Semi-truck collides with motorcycle in fatal Portland crash

Many Portland area residents like to take advantage of the nice weather and scenery by taking to the roads on their bicycles or motorcycles. Unfortunately, we know that these pleasant outings sometimes take a sudden turn for the worst. Being involved in a bicycle or motorcycle accident can change your life, or even end it, in an instant.

Car accident takes life on Black Friday

Nobody ever expects to be involved in an accident, but when car accidents occur during the holidays, the consequences seem even more tragic. A Portland family is mourning the loss of a young woman after a multi-vehicle crash. The car accident occurred early in the morning on Black Friday. Portland police responded to a crash involving a tractor-tractor on Northeast Columbia Boulevard in Portland at approximately 7 a.m. A semi-truck was reportedly travelling eastbound on the road when it collided with a gray sport utility vehicle traveling northbound on 47th Avenue. Upon impact, the SUV rolled over onto its top. The driver of the semi-truck lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a third car, and then overturned. The crash left the road closed in both directions for approximately eight hours.

Pedestrian accident leaves elderly Portland man seriously injured

A recent bus accident in Portland sent an elderly man to an area hospital. No charges have been filed yet in connection with the incident, but the bus driver in the pedestrian accident has been placed on paid administrative leave.Reportedly, the accident happened at about 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 21 near the intersection of Southwest Capitol Highway and Sunset Boulevard. The 85-year-old man had boarded the bus and asked the driver where the bus was heading. He then exited the bus to evidently grab some belongings, but the driver purportedly mistook this to mean the man was getting off to wait for another bus.

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