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Scooter crash blues: Stay safer in the future with these tips

You love seeing scooters; they're zippy and fun to ride. You planned to use your scooter to get all around Portland, but your plans did not go well. The very first time you took your scooter out, a driver hit you as you drove on the road.

You have a right to medical care and compensation after a crash

Soft-tissue injuries may not seem serious, but they can affect you in your day-to-day life. With millions of people on the roads, it's no surprise that you got into a car accident, and it's even less surprising that you suffered soft-tissue injuries. These injuries range from bruising to sprains, but that's no reason to dismiss them as if they won't affect you. Some soft-tissue injuries can lead to debilitating symptoms when left without treatment.

Toy-related risks can ruin the holidays; take care

The holidays are approaching, and that means there are going to be many children, teens and adults with new toys and accessories. While these exciting products typically make the holidays cheery, dangerous toys can cause headaches for parents. World Against Toys Causing Harm is an organization that publishes the most dangerous toy list each year, which helps you avoid purchasing items that could be hazardous. Some toys will inevitably be recalled because of defects or other concerns.

Common kinds of personal injuries that can lead to claims

There are many kinds of personal injuries that you can file a claim for. For instance, if you suffer injuries because you were using a new bicycle that had faulty parts and fell apart when you were riding, then you could file a claim against the manufacturer. The manufacturer would be responsible for making sure the bike was safe before sale, and if a part was faulty, then that should have been caught before you suffered injuries.

Unintentional injuries, deaths and the impact they have on Oregon

Personal injuries can make it difficult for you to work or enjoy the things you normally do. For instance, if you fall and hit your head, you might struggle with your memory or have headaches that make it hard to concentrate. Another issue that some families find themselves faced with is a personal injury that leads to a loved one's death. These injuries are normally covered by workers' compensation if a death happens at work, but if not, it can mean lawsuits and claims to get the compensation needed.

What happens after a dog bite in Oregon?

What really happens when a dog bites, and who is affected? While the owner may be feeling upset that his or her pet could be in danger, if you've been bitten or your child has been injured by a dog, it's important that the owner is held liable for the actions of the animal. By law, owners are responsible for any injuries their pets cause, except in some very specific circumstances.

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