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Odds of pedestrian deaths with 10 mph speed increases

How many times have you seen someone drive through a 25 mph zone at 35 miph? It's fairly common. People often break the speed limit even when it's set at 70 mph on the interstate. When they're in low-speed zones, they often don't think that slight increase makes much difference.

Study shows drivers are more likely to stop for white pedestrians

There is an inherent level of risk for all pedestrians when crossing the street, even at crosswalks. This is true regardless of race, age, gender or any other factors. People can all be hit and injured or killed when drivers make mistakes.

Pedestrian killed while using Greyhound service

When you go on a trip, the last thing you expect is to become a victim of the driver you're riding with. As someone who is familiar with the bus system, taking a Greyhound to get where you want to go is probably normal for you. Greyhounds typically have good customer service and careful drivers.

Man receives felony sentence for pedestrian fatality

You may think that a driver who was not drunk at the time of a fatal pedestrian accident won't face penalties, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Depending on the circumstances, anyone can face charges for hitting and hurting or killing another person. In fact, this exact situation occurred recently in Oregon.

Man receives 30-day sentence for DUII hit-and-run crash

When a pedestrian is hit by a driver, it's a tragic situation that nearly always results in the pedestrian suffering severe injuries or death. As the family member of someone who has passed away, you would want to see that your loved one received justice, especially if it's proven that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What is the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act?

Riding your bicycle is a fun way to get exercise and a practical way to get to work. You know that many people get hurt on the roads, though, and you want to know that something's being done about it. Fortunately, the government is working on a solution.

What is the importance of sidewalks near roadways?

Each year, around 4,500 pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents around the United States. Around 8 percent of the deaths take place near roads, where people have to walk along the roadways. The unfortunate fact is that many of these accidents are preventable with safety precautions and foresight.

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