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This is what you should do if you're in a crash in Portland

You saw the car next to you approaching the curb a little too closely, but you didn't think the driver would jerk the car so far back onto the road after noticing. When he did, he lost control of the vehicle. Being in a two-lane road, you had nowhere to go, and that meant that you couldn't get out of the way. The driver's fishtailing vehicle crashed into yours, and now it's damaged and you're hurt.

Woman faces DUII charges for fatal hit-and-run crash

When a serious accident takes place, you expect a person to stay at the scene. When someone stays at the scene, that person has the ability to help others who have suffered injuries and has the chance to call for help that otherwise might not arrive. If someone flees the scene, then that person puts everyone else's lives at risk.

3 tips for driving with the right body position

Making sure your body is aligned with your vehicle's controls helps you driver safer. If you're seated too far away, it can make it hard to press the brake or acceleration, just as sitting too close can make it hard to steer. Here are some tips on how to adjust your car for the best driving experience.

What are some common car accident-related injuries?

While there are around 74,000 people hit by another vehicle in the United States each year, you probably don't think you're going to be one of them. If you are, you might be in a situation where you want to seek compensation to help cover your medical expenses or lost wages. This is particularly true if you had a bad accident or suffered a serious injury and are looking for long-term reparations.

How is fault determined in an accident caused by the weather?

Winter poses many issues, from heavy rains to the potential for sleet or snow. With these kinds of hazards, you may wonder what happens in the case of a car accident. Who will be held responsible, and how can fault be determined with other hazards at play?

Company vehicles and what happens in a car crash

A car crash can change your life in an instant; you may suffer serious injuries or be unable to work because of a new temporary or permanent disability. When the accident isn't your fault, you're entitled to seek compensation to cover the costs of your injuries, but who should you seek that compensation from when you're using a company vehicle? Is it your boss who should pay for the collision, even though another driver caused the accident? Should you pursue a claim against the driver directly? Here are some things to think about after your crash.

Man to face criminal charges after single-car crash

Even in cases of single-car accidents, it's possible to seek compensation if you're injured. For example, if you're riding in a vehicle with a friend who decides to pull out into traffic while speeding, that friend was in violation of the law. If you're hurt in an accident because of the collision your friend causes, you can seek compensation from his or her insurance carrier or from your friend directly by filing a lawsuit.

Fatal crashes keep police busy over the weekend in Oregon

When the weather gets rough in Portland, drivers need to take more care on the roads. Slowing down, using the right tires and even avoiding driving in the worst of weather conditions are all important steps to take to prevent injuries and deaths. For those impacted by dangerous or inexperienced drivers who drive recklessly, there are few options but to pursue compensation through insurance or by suing directly, for which legal advocacy can be essential.

What are some traffic crash statistics for Portland?

It's important that the area where you live has safe streets and neighborhoods. Dangerous drivers can take that security away from you. After a crash, you may not know if you'll be safe in your vehicle again, and you might have piles of bills adding up. It's important that you are able to make the responsible party pay for your medical care, lost wages and damages to your vehicle.

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