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Cyclists can stay safe with a few precautions

Bicyclists are out on the roads more than ever today. Part of the reason is because gasoline was expensive for several years. Another reason is because it's good exercise. Regardless of the reason you choose to be on the roads on your bicycle, it's important that you can stay safe.

DUI leads to bicycle crash in Portland

It's not always one single person who causes an accident or who is at fault for a collision. Depending on the scenario, more than one person may be held liable for an incident, even if they both didn't cause the accident directly. That's something to consider when you read about this case involving a car crashing with a bicyclist.

Bike-on-bike crashes can be dangerous to riders

While most people think of bicycle accidents as occurring between bicyclists and motor vehicles, it's still possible for multiple bicyclists to get into an accident. With more people heading out onto the roads on their bicycles, it's not unusual for attorneys to get phone calls about personal injuries that happen as a result of bike crashes.

Bicycle safety: These tips can help protect your child

As a child, one of your favorite things to do may have been to hop on your bicycle and ride to a friend's house. Maybe it was a form of exercise you used to hang out with family members or cycling was how you got to school. In any case, bicycling was a part of life, and it still is for many people today.

Cyclists: These tips can keep you safer on the roads

As a cyclist, you know that much of the time, your life is in your own hands. Drivers don't always make way for you, and they can speed past or not give you enough room to get by safely. Sometimes they tailgate or throw open their doors in your lane.

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